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Episodes Guide and Summaries
1 Pilot
Sunday Mar 05, 2017
In 1893, Jack the Ripper has killed his fifth victim... and uses his friend Herbert George Wells' time machine to travel to the year 2017. The machine is set to return automatically, and Herbert pursues his friend to New York City to put an end to his rampage. There he meets a museum curator, Jane Walker, who is taken with his charm... and a woman claiming to be Herbert's great great granddaughter.
2 I Will Catch You
Sunday Mar 05, 2017
John threatens to kill Jane unless Herbert hands over the key, and Herbert discovers that his supposed descendant isn't willing to let him risk his life.
3 Out of Time
Sunday Mar 12, 2017
John gives Herbert a 12-hour deadline to repair the time machine. While Herbert and Jane try to find a gem needed to restore the machine's function, John meets a neural pathologist named Brooke who is intrigued by his good looks and charm.
4 Secrets Stolen
Sunday Mar 19, 2017
Brooke explains to John why she's interested in him. Meanwhile, Herbert and Jane travel to 1980 to learn more about the Hollands, and learn a dark secret about the Anders family.
5 Picture Fades
Sunday Mar 26, 2017
After discovering that John has traveled to 1918 to save his son, Herbert goes after him and forbids Jane from traveling with him. However, she soon discovers that the son is fated to die that day... and so, apparently, is Herbert. Meanwhile, Brooke takes steps to eliminate a man who can lead Vanessa to Project Utopia.
6 Caught Up in Circles
Wednesday unknown
H.G., Vanessa and Jane decide to investigate "Project Utopia" while Vanessa doesn't realize some of the people in her life are not who they appear to be.
7 Suitcases Of Memories
Wednesday unknown
H.G., Jane and John search for Vanessa while Brooke moves forward in her plan to avenge her father's legacy, ultimately sending H.G. and Jane to a place where they will have to fight to survive.
8 If You're Lost
Wednesday unknown
H.G. and Jane find themselves stranded on the Island of Doctor Monroe. Unaware that they are an instrumental part of the doctor's research, H.G. and Jane find themselves fighting for their lives – along with Dr. John Stevenson – but in the end, not everyone will get out alive.

Time After Time

IMDb 6.8 60 min/episode
The adventures of young H.G. Wells and his time machine.
Drama, Sci-Fi
Freddie Stroma, Jennifer Ferrin, Ben Levin, Nicole Ari Parker, Elliot Villar, Genesis Rodriguez, Will Chase, Omar Maskati
United States
7.2 / 163 times
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